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Schedule of Events

Schedule at a Glance

***All events in Tory 3-36 unless otherwise noted.***


9:30-11:50 Graduate Student Talks
11:50-12:30 Catered Luncheon (Tory 3-50)
12:30-1:30 Keynote Lecture
1:50-4:50 Graduate Student Talks


9:30-11:50 Graduate Student Talks
11:50-12:50 Lunch Break
12:50-2:50 Graduate Student Talks
3:00-4:00 Undergraduate Poster Competition (Tory 3-50)
5:15-6:15 Keynote Lecture (ESB 3-27)
6:30 Cocktail Hour  (Faculty Club, Papaschase Room)
7:00 Banquet (Faculty Club, Papaschase Room)
After-Party at Hudson’s on campus

Detailed Schedule

All graduate student talks are held in Tory 3-36.

Thursday, April 4th

9:30-9:50 Yannick Bussweiler; A Solution to the Olivine Macrocryst Problem 
9:50-10:10 Katie Nichols, Thomas Stachel, Richard Stern; Diamond Sources beneath the Hall Peninsula, Nunavut: A Preliminary Assessment Based on Micro-Diamonds 
10:10-10:30 Laura Brin, Graham Pearson, Amy Riches; The age and origin of lithospheric mantle beneath central Victoria Island and Parry Peninsula 
10:30-10:50 Coffee Break 
10:50-11:10 Jamie Robbins, Kurt Konhauser; Zn in Banded Iron Formations: Implications for Eukaryotic and Marine Evolution         
11:10-11:30 Cheryl Hodgson, Murray Gingras and JP Zonneveld; Intertidal Animal-Sediment Interactions in the Middle to Outer Estuary of Netarts Bay, Oregon, USA 
11:30-11:50 Kristina Barclay, Lindsey Leighton, Chris Schneider; Sclerobiont and brachiopod host relationships: more data mean more questions 
11:50-12:30 Catered Luncheon, Tory 3-50 (just down the hall from Tory 3-36)
12:30-1:30 Keynote Lecture: Dr. Tim Lowenstein; Secular variations in seawater chemistry: fluid inclusions, causes, and influence on marine life – Tory 3-36 
1:50-2:10 Andrew Lawfield, Murray Gingras, George Pemberton; The Ichnology, Taphonomy and Epibiota of Unionid Bivalves 
2:10-2:30 Ben Collins, Lindsey R. Leighton; Functional morphology of passive suspension feeding in Composita sp. (Brachiopoda, Athyridida) 
2:30-2:50 Sandra M. Durán, G. Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa; Tree diversity and aboveground carbon storage in secondary tropical dry forests. 
2:50-3:10 Christopher Wong, John Gamon; Seasonal adjustment in evergreen conifer leaves: what happens to pine needles in the winter? 
3:10-3:30 Coffee Break 
3:30-3:50 Gabrielle Gascon, Martin Sharp, David Burgess, Peter Bezeau; Three-dimensional changes of the stratigraphy of the accumulation area of the Devon Ice Cap, Nunavut, Canada, during a period of climate warming
3:50-4:10 Craig Thompson, Carl Mendoza, and Kevin Devito; Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Western Boreal Plain of Alberta 
4:10-4:30 Gabriela Gonzalez, Karlis Muehlenbachs; Deuterium isotopic exchangeability of resin and amber under hydrous conditions at 50 °C and 90 °C. Amber as a reliable inland paleoclimatic indicator.
4:30-4:50 Giselle Norville, Karlis Muehlenbachs; Characterization of shale gas in the Horn River Basin using carbon isotope geochemistry 

Friday, April 5th


9:30-9:50 Morgan Snyder, John Waldron; Origin of Soft-sediment deformation structures in Nova Scotia
9:50-10:10 Rong Li, Brian Jones; Diagenetic patterns of the Pleistocene Ironshore Formation, Grand Cayman, British West Indies 
10:10-10:30 Emma Jones, Alexander P. Wolfe; Inferring Holocene fire history using environmental spectroscopy: an example from Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA 
10:30-10:50 Coffee Break 
10:50-11:10 Qiqi Wang, Theresa Garvin, Candace Nykiforuk; The lived experience and sense of place among urban and suburban elderly Chinese immigrants in Edmonton 
11:10-11:30 Fujie Rao, Robert Summers; Factors Influencing the Management of Retail Development:A Multi Case Study of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Portland, Oregon, USA 
11:30-11:50 Léanne Labossière, Tara McGee; Taking it into their own hands: innovative wildfire mitigation techniques at the local government level
11:50-12:50 Lunch Break 
12:50-1:10 Yesuf H. Abdela, Theresa Garvin; The lived experience and sense of belonging among Somali youth and adult immigrants/refugees in Edmonton, Alberta
1:10-1:30 Morgan Tymko, Damian Collins; When You Smoke, They Smoke: Children’s Rights and Opinions about Vehicular Smoking Bans


1:30-1:50 Daniel A. Petrash, Kurt O. Konhauser ; Investigating the significance of transition metal geochemistry in multigenic dolomite 
1:50-2:10 Coffee Break 
2:10-2:30 Shaunaugh Whelan, Sarah Gleeson, Stern, R.A., and Buchanan, C.; Au Mineralization at 3Ace, South-East Yukon 
2:30-2:50 Nelson F. Bernal, Sarah A. Gleeson, Abbie S. Dean, Xiao-Ming Liu and Paul Hoskin; The Source of Halogens in Geothermal Fluids from the Taupo Volcanic Zone, North Island, New Zealand. 
3:00-4:00 Undergraduate Poster Competition – Tory 3-50
5:15-6:15 Keynote Lecture: Dr. Tim Lowenstein; Long term survival of microorganisms and DNA preservation in fluid inclusions – Jurassic Park? - ESB 3-27 
6:30 7:00 Cocktail Hour – Faculty Club, Papaschase Room Banquet – Faculty Club, Papaschase Room

After-Party at Hudson’s on campus